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Obtain Justice by undrstanding the rheroric, drama and art in the fight an Charges brought against you. 

Resource Guidance in Legal Matters.

We are not Attorneys. We Prepare Legal/Court Documments. We offer Research assistant, Legal Resources and Guidance in legal issues for Pro Per Cases such as Divorce, Child Support, CPS, DHS, VA, SSI,We can assistant in preparing your Legal Briefs, Motions and Appeals, Evidentiary Hearing, Objections, Garnishments, Tenant vs Landlord, and More

PASTOR WHITEHORN prepared his case for Custody of his son and won the case prior to the False Allegations of Child Abuse case that was handled by Attorney James L. Galen Jr.

PASTOR WHITEHORN teamed his skills and approach with the professionalism and skills of Attorney James L. Galen Jr in this cause. Therefore, lodging a tactical defense dynamic from a Godly and Legal perspective, the Jury was able to see through the rheroric and deceptions.



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