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Pastor Anthony L. Whitehorn, Sr, Pastor, 2008 – current: Prepared and incorporated a new church, Bethel-The House of God

2013 - 2014 Pastor Anthony Whitehorn, Sr named Vice President of Mount Clemens Club Kiwanis.

2012 - 2015 Pastor Anthony Whitehorn, Sr received his Certificate of Election for Kiwanis Board of Director

Received Awards in Recognition for Highway Clean up

2011 - 2012- Pastor became a member of The Kiwanis Club of Mount Clemens 

2010-Current : Became a Mentor for Mount Clemens Pastor Received The Golden Apple is an annual award and is solely nominated by the student body.

Vast Knowledge, ProSe - 2007-current: Social Security Disability case before the A. L. J. for Clients, DHS cases before the Case Workers and the A. L. J. into the Circuit Court Level of Clients, Unemployment cases before the A. L. J. for Clients, Motions, DeNovo Hearings, Evidentiary Hearings.

Law Clerk, 2003-current: The Law Offices of James L. Galen Jr. Functions and duties included Intake Interviews, Client’s File Set-up, filing in general, typing, legal research, implementing various courts papers and attend court proceedings. Responsibilities included providing Business Construction Management expertise to the law office as necessary.

Pastor, 2007-2008: Pastor Walter Davis requested my assistance to function as the Pastor of his flock at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in New Heaven MI.

Associate Elder & Men’s Ministry, 2007: Pastor Sylvester Herring until called to assist Pastor Walter Davis of Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in New Heaven(Due to Cardiac Problems).  

Successful Vice-President/ Joint Owner of Moses C. & Lorenzo Inc., 1997-2006. Incorporated this construction corporation located in Michigan, which was parent to its foreign corporation in the State of Missouri. 

Pilot’s Certificate

Assistant Pastor, 2003-2005: MY JESUS MINISTRIES (Pastor Cheryl Waters

Food Outreach, 2000-2005: Assisted Calvary Baptist Church (Pastor Walter Davis) in providing Donations of Bread and Pastries from Panera Bread Company to local churches in Mt. Clemens, Clinton Twp. and Detroit Michigan. Without assisting other organizations, I personally provided the same type of donations to Ministries such as Bethel in E. Detroit, Bright Star Ministries in E. Detroit, three Senior Citizens Towers, two Low Income Towers in Detroit, My Jesus Ministries in Mt. Clemens, and one Men’s Shelter in Detroit and Grace Community W. Detroit.   

Associate Elder 2000-2002: Bethel of Detroit (Pastor John Lucas) As an Elder, my functions included the Baptisms, Tarry Room Aid, Sunday School Teacher, VBS- Vacation Bible School and Preaching the Word of God. Trustee &President of Bethel Men’s Ministry 2001-2002: Bethel of Detroit-Church (Pastor John Lucas). Assisted in the business activities of the church such as Accounting of the Finances, construction projects and participated in the approval of church activities and routine functions.

President Men’s Ministries,1997-1998 Zion Temple Church of Jesus (Pastor John O’Neal), which led to the building of a sure foundation for the brothers that is currently active. 2001-2002 Bethel Church of The Apostolic Faith, that led to the changing of the heart and developed a strong camaraderie between the men that plunged them into number one in district participation in sixty-one years. By the grace of God we implemented a men’s choir and a Saturday Morning Men’s Prayer at the church.

Associate-Elder- 1997-1998 Zion Temple Church of Jesus (Pastor John O’Neal). Assisted the Pastor in every phase of the church. These duties included conducting Baptisms, coordinating the Sunday Services and activities, holding bible studies, conducting Friday Night Prayer Services, Organizing the Missionary Department, organizing, and teaching the Men’s Ministry. Carrying out and facilitating the orders of the Pastor. 

Relocated to Michigan in 1996 and in 1998 God gave the Bethel-The House of God While driving south on Gratiot and in route to Evangel Ministries International of Drs. Jerry and Sherill Pispoco.Then in 1999 purchased a small bus and titled the bus in the church name and Pastor Paul Meriwether of House of Harvest in St. Louis, MO, under the direction of God gave the future ministry two large speakers and with mixer.

Successful Owner/President of P.P.R.R. INC. Construction Corporation, 1990-1996 Business Consultant/ Business Incorporator- for Ecclesiastics and For Profit Organizations, 1998-current

GM Corporation: Plant Line Manager, 1985-1988GM Corporation: Parts Manager-Summers Only

1990-1994 Call to Pastoral Ministry- 1996 - Sunday School Teacher 1992-1995 Bethesda Temple St. Louis Missouri (Bishop James A.1 Johnson of the P.A. W.) 4 and 5 Grade awarded for leading the children to private studies in English, Hebrew and Greek. Taught the Ministers Class every 4 Sunday using the prescribed expository.

Missionary Department 1993-1995 Bethesda Temple St. Louis Missouri, Sunday Morning Services and Saturday Evening Services at two Nursing Homes and one Senior Citizen Home. At the one Senior Citizen Home and at the Saturday Nursing Home, I orchestrated an entire church program with my children, other ministers, and brothers that were musicians. During the Sunday Morning Services, my children and I were asked to aid an Evangelist and her children to hold a complete service and a door-to-door prayer in a Nursing Home.

Called and Promoted to Elder 1995 Call to the Ministry 1991 Baptized in Jesus Name in 1969 under Bishop James A. Johnson (Bethesda Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith in St. Louis, MO.

In 1984 Sgt. Whitehorn was Witness to by Pvt. Rivivar to come out of Darkness and God called and informed him on May 12, 1985, that he would receive God (The Holy Ghost) on May 19, 1985, and he did received as God declared at (Bethesda Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith).  

Restaurant Manager: MSM Corporation-Church’s Chicken, 1983-1984USMC, 1977 – 1984:USANG, 1975 – 1977: Field Artilleryman EDUCATION Resuming/Starting – Studies of Law with UDM via the Veterans Administration M.S. Business - Cornerstone University, 2005 * Walk with Honors B.S. Business - Cornerstone University, 2003 Oakland Builders Institute, 2000 Ordination Certificate PAW,1998 Licensed Minister Certificate PAW, 1991- current American Institute For Paralegals Studies, Inc., 1994 GM Management Assessment Program, 1990 * Number 1 of 15 Restaurant Accounting and Controls Certificate, 1989 GM Management Pre-Advisory Program, 1986 * Eleven of 2500 Real Estate Salesperson, 1985 Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Certificate, 1984 Basic Forest Fire Fighter Course, 1984 USMC Staff Non-Commissioned Officer Leadership Academy, 1983 Non Commissioned Officer Leadership Academy,1980 * Top Ten

ARTICLES- Anthony L. Whitehorn Sr. of Clinton Township and the assistant pastor of My Jesus Ministries of Mount Clemens graduated with a Master of Science in Management degree from Cornerstone University. He is the vice president of his family owned business, Moses C. & Lorenzo Inc,” The Macomb Daily, June 6, 2005. Anthony L. Whitehorn Sr. (CU ’03, GRTS ’05) served a pre-internship with the Law Offices of Attorney James L. Galen Jr.

Cornerstone University Alumni and Friends, Fall 2006. 

Macomb Daily Articles- featured Pastor in a False Allegation case- ”The Macomb Daily, November 20, 2010.By Frank DeFrank * “Father acquitted of child abuse” “Whitehorn, 52, a Mount Clemens resident and pastor of Bethel-The House of God church he started, was acquitted Thursday of fourth-degree child abuse charge after a three day trial in 41B District Court in Clinton Township. James Galen, Whitehorn’s attorney, said his client should not have been charged.

Whitehorn Himself Won His Custody Case Prior To Being Acquitted

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