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Attorney James Galen Jr. & Pastor Anthony Whitehorn, Sr

Steps of 16th Circuit Court on a Great Victory Case

Pastor Anthony Whitehorn, Sr

Steps of 16th Circuit Court on a Great Victory Case with Attorney Galen, Jr


  • Acquaint yourself the Rules from the Family Organization of your State
  • Acquaint yourself with Basic State Laws
  • Acquaint yourself with State Appeal Cases
  • Acquaint yourself with the U S Constitution and Amendments
  • Consider your witness
  • Motions to be Considered
  • Problems we Encounter
  • Defending the Falsely Accused at Trial
  • Attorney Says you Can't Prove Innocence
  • How our Clients Retain the Proper Attorney
  • The Taint Hearing in False Allegation Cases
  • What you Should Know Before you Accept a Plea
  • What False Allegation Defense Attorneys Should Know
  • The Father and Child Custody in False Allegation Cases
  • Defense Attorney Fails Miserably - Conviction Destroys Family
  • Defense Attorney's Ego and Conviction for the Falsely Accused
  • But I had the Best Criminal Attorney in the State! What Happened?

Do not wait until a fatal domestic incident occur, but begin to journal on a daily bases once your domestic separation is sparked. If children are involved and finances or insurance allow psychological assistance, move quickly to in instituting professional methods and documenting each visit. Such methods will become crucial in false allegations and beneficial to swiftly gain stability as a family unit.

This and each of the above referenced pages are vital to the falsely accused in reaching an overall decision as to whether they are being properly represented or not.

If you have been falsely accused of abuse, by far, one of the most important decisions you will be faced with is the selection of the proper attorney to represent you, a task that may seem easy, but in reality can prove to be very difficult. The individual you select will, for all practical purposes, have your entire life and future in the palm of their hands. The question becomes, "What will they do with it?"

There are hundreds of innocent people in prison today, convicted of child sexual battery and in each case, each of them had an attorney. In most of those cases, simply because they did have an attorney, the accused never even considered that they could possibly be found guilty, especially of something they never did. What a wake up call when they listened to the jury verdict.

The real key to winning these cases is to educate yourself so that you have a thorough knowledge of what is taking place in your defense and to obtain whatever evidence is necessary to prove your innocence well prior to any trial.

A thorough knowledge means a thorough understanding of what the attorney should do and is doing to build a proper defense and that is certainly one of our areas of expertise. You do not need an attorney who is "ego" strapped and refuses to obtain assistance where necessary.

In Michigan a family had copied information from some websites to better understanding of the charges against there Son they had given it to their attorney to assist in their defense against a false allegation. Their attorney told them he was not interested in the information because it amounted to nothing more than "junk." The young man was convicted and sentenced to serve 25 years. Had that attorney bothered to learn some of the "junk" that he referred to, that could easily have been the difference between guilty and not guilty for his client. In reality, that young man was convicted based on the testimony of a psychologist that never would have been allowed in that Court had that attorney bothered to object. The psychologist, a court accepted "expert" told the jury that the accused "matched the profile of a child molester." That testimony served no other purpose than inflaming the jury against the accused. There is no such thing as a "profile" for a child molester, but the jury accepted that testimony at face value from that "Doctor."

Many citizens in our great State of Michigan are unaware of Michigan's dirty little secret that falls under the guise of the Child Abuse and Child Welfare Protection Laws. The advertisements and literature surrounding this area seem to be doing a magnificent thing for the children of our state. We have been led to believe that the State of Michigan is saving thousands of children from severe physical abuse and neglect. This is far from the truth.

The truth is that this campaign is a giant money machine fueled by abuse of power of supervisors and case service workers employed by the Michigan Department of Family Independence Agency and private agencies that have contracted with FIA that we the tax payers are paying dearly for through our hard earned tax dollars. Basically it is "make work by creating a case and keep your job or contract with the state government." The current campaign to save the children is doing just the opposite. Parents and children are being permanently separated and families are being permanently destroyed under this new plan as a result of abuse of power in the name of more state and federal funding.

Many cases do not involve children suffering from broken bones, bruises or starvation. In fact most of the cases that I am involved in regard parents that merely spanked their children by giving the children one or two swats on the clothed behind, parents who have physically defended themselves from a physically violent teenager, parents who argued in front of their children, recently divorced single parents, parents with low incomes, parents who have failed to take their child to a doctor for mere cold symptoms such as sniffles and mild congestion.

According to FIA, the present state of law is that:
1) Parents cannot spank their child. Spanking, even with clothes covering the bottom, is severe physical abuse. Parents are only to use time out, reasoning and loss of privileges.
2) Parents cannot engage in physical self defense to protect themselves from a physically hostile teenager. An act of self defense by a parent is severe physical and emotional abuse. Parents are to use reasoning, time out and loss of privileges only and must sacrifice their physical safety for their violent teenager's safety.
3) Parents cannot argue or talk about adult subjects, such as family finances, in front of their children. These are subjects that the child has no control over and creates extreme emotional distress in the child. FIA has classified this area as emotional or environmental abuse and/or neglect of the child.
(4) Parents with low income are neglecting their children's basic needs. Low income parents cannot provide for the proper medical, physical or emotional needs of their children due to their limited income. The parents' failure to obtain middle income jobs means environmental, medical and emotional neglect.
5) Parents that fail to take their child to the family physician for colds, flu, sniffles and mild congestion, or parents who fail to obtain a family pediatrician are neglecting the medical needs of their children. FIA has classified this as medical neglect.
7) Divorced, single parent families seem to be targeted by FIA as high risk environments for emotional and environmental neglect. Most single parent families are low income and of course, according to FIA, cannot provide for the basic needs of the children as measured against middle income standards.
Single parents work outside of the home, leaving their children unattended or with "inappropriate care takers" (neighbors, older siblings, grandparents, relatives) causing environmental and emotional neglect of the child. Single working parents are unable to clean their homes "appropriately" and leave their homes cluttered, disorganized, and untidy (i.e. beds unmade, dirty clothes on floors or hampers, dirty dishes in the sink from breakfast, unswept or unvacuumed floors and carpets, etc.) which the family must return to in the afternoon or evening that is classified as environmental neglect.
Basically, single parents tend more to their needs (i.e. working outside of the home) that to the needs of their children which is classified as emotional and environmental neglect.

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