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Greetings 696 Visionaries 

Bethel-The House Of God desire to have you partnership in our 696 Vision. Our Vision is a metaphor of a local Highway “I 696”. We are excited to extend the opportunity to donors like yourself and our current supporters to become 696 Visionaries. Our Mission as 696 Visionaries is to assist individuals and families to achieve a competitive edge in the global market, and improving the community. The 696 Visionaries are committed to donating a monthly contribution of at least $58.00. All tax-deductible donations are made payable to Bethel-The House Of God, but memo to our “696 Visionary Donors Program”. We have enclosed a donor’s envelope for your convenience or donate online at

Remember that every donation makes a difference, regardless of size.

As Visionaries, you will assist in:

1. Support, Maintain and Increase our Current Distributions of 75,000 to our Food Pantry efforts in serving individual and families yearly.

2. Aid in securing Educational Resources to provide Private Education, Job Opportunities, Training programs for both youths and adults, and provide Financial Grants for Students that require financial assistance.

3. Support us in our Mentoring and Literacy programs that include Business Consulting, Life Skills, Trade Skills, Financial Management, Public Speaking, Improve Reading Skills, Leadership Speaking, and Foreign Languages that is committed to generating experiences to reach new marketable skills.


* Donor- Donors who donates less than $696 will be recognized with a Vision Certificate of Appreciation-VCA.

** Individual $696 Visionary –Will obtain a Vision Certificate of Appreciation, a Wall Plaque Displayed on our Road to Success and Completion, plus (1) Annual Visionary Banquet ticket.

*** Teams Sponsorships of Two (2) less than (5) five : In addition to a VCA, they will have their Plaque displayed in a special area of choice such as, Foreign Languages, Math, Phonics and English, Vocational, Mentoring or Community Outreach Programs, and an Annual Visionary Banquet ticket for each $696.00 donation.

**** Corporate Sponsorships of (5) five or more but less than (10): Each Visionary donor in the Sponsorship will receive (1) one ticket to our annual banquet, but if a Sponsorship donates (5) five times $696 or more they will receive an additional ticket to the annual banquet. This includes Star Levels 2 or 3.

***** Visionary Sponsorships of (10):Will receive a table seating of 10 and their names displayed on our Soap Box Car Derby if their donation is paid in full prior to September 1. Sponsorship includes Star Levels 2 or 3.

Please forward all questions, replies or concerns to Bethel -The House Of God - P.O. Box 463120 Mt. Clemens, 48046, Attention Pastor Anthony L. Whitehorn Sr., or call 586-630-0404.

Respectfully yours,

Pastor Anthony L. Whitehorn, Sr.


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